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Easy to assemble; this deck requires very little effort to assemble or disassemble, there are no loose ends and it can be erected in less than a minute; comes with a handy wheeled bag; high quality steel frame; can come with 4 side walls, windowed, windowless, zipped side walls, either polyester 160G fabric or 420D oxford fabric, 210D oxford fabric, 2 full size "The side walls are fastened with Velcro and can be easily assembled or dismantled, the shelves can be of all iron, all aluminium or aluminium and iron construction. The fabric is plain and waterproof.
Uses and functions: garden, camping, wedding, barbecue, party, etc.; can be erected on hard and soft ground

DP-001 3x3m Waterproof Folding Gazebo

3x3m Waterproof Folding Gazebo


3x3m folding shed (tri-fold) square tube
Stand: Aluminium 25x25/20x20/20x10x0.7mm
Fabric: 160G polyester blue/white stripe
Normal waterproof
Packing rate / outer box size: 1SET / 123x20x20CM
Gross / Net Weight: 9/8

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Zhejiang Sanheng Ind.& Trd. Co., Ltd. is originated from Jinhua Universe Tourism Fallow Co.,Ltd. is a prfessional leisure product manufacturer.Since the establishment in 1996,the company has accumulated more than twenty years of production experience,especially in PE fabric and gazebo.Located in Wuyi,Zhejiang Province,P.R.China,the company owns a production scale of more than 32,000 m2 along its total land occupantion of 41,000 m2.As China Wholesale Waterproof Folding Gazebo Manufacturers and Folding Gazebo Factory, There are various types of main products,including Gazebo,Easy-up gazebo,Metal gazebo,Awning,Gardening,Umbrella and Beach chairs and a complete production line of PE material,plastic parts,hardware,powder coating and sewing.Besides,the company owns a subsidiary company in Anhui province,named Sonny Of The Anhui Tourism And Leisure Supplies Co., Ltd. specifically for PE production.The subsidiary covers 50,000m2 and 3 production lines,yielding more than 3,000 tons of PE fabric annually.In addition to integrating the process of design,develop and produce,the company is also known for its advanced technical force,high quality and satisfying service. As Wholesale Waterproof Folding Gazebo Factory, Our company sincerely welcome all customers come to negotiate and cooperate.
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How To Use The Folding Gazebo?

(1)Assemble the Frame: This involves extending and locking the telescoping legs, connecting the frame poles, and securing them in place using the provided locking mechanisms or clips. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure proper assembly.

(2)Attach the Canopy: Once the frame is fully assembled, carefully attach the canopy to the frame by securing it to the frame with the provided clips, straps, or hook-and-loop fasteners. Make sure the canopy is evenly stretched and properly aligned on the frame to provide a taut and secure fit.

(3)Secure the Gazebo: Use stakes and ropes to secure the gazebo to the ground. This will help to provide stability and prevent the gazebo from being blown away by wind or other external forces.

(4)Adjust the Height and Setup Accessories: Adjust the height of the telescoping legs to your desired level. Additionally, you can set up any accessories such as sidewalls, mosquito nets, or lights, following the manufacturer's instructions.

(5)Check for Stability and Safety: Once the gazebo is fully set up, double-check for stability and safety. Ensure that all the components are properly secured, the canopy is taut, and the gazebo is stable on the ground. Avoid using the gazebo in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain or strong winds, to prevent damage or accidents.

In addition to the correct installation method, the quality of the folding gazebo is also critical. Zhejiang Sanheng is an excellent manufacturer of outdoor leisure products, bringing you high-quality products and services, allowing you to enjoy your happy time.

How To Choose A Folding Gazebo?

(1)Size and Space: Consider the size of the folding gazebo in terms of floor area and peak height. Determine how many people you need to accommodate and the intended use of the gazebo. Consider the number of occupants, gear storage space, and comfort.

(2)Durability and Quality: Look for folding gazebos made from high-quality materials that are durable and weather-resistant. Gazebos with sturdy frames, reinforced corners, and strong zippers are more likely to withstand various weather conditions and regular use.

(3)Ease of Setup: Folding gazebos are designed for easy setup and takedown. Consider the ease of setup and takedown process, including the design of the frame, the number of people required for setup, and the availability of clear setup instructions.

(4)Portability and Storage: Consider the portability of the folding gazebo, including its weight, packed size, and ease of transport. Look for gazebos that come with carrying bags or cases for convenient storage and transport.

(5)Features and Accessories: Consider any additional features or accessories that may be important for your specific use. For example, some folding tents come with sidewalls, windows, or vents for increased ventilation or privacy.

(6)Budget: Set a budget for your folding gazebo purchase and look for options that fit within your budget while still meeting your needs for size, quality, and features. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best in terms of durability and performance, so balance your budget with the overall quality and durability of the gazebo.

Zhejiang Sanheng is a professional leisure product manufacturer. We have more than twenty years of production experience, Provide you with high-quality products such as folding gazebos.