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Made from durable 180g/m2 polyester with a colour fastness to European standard 4. Sturdy construction: metal pillars and ribs strongly support the canopy. Ventilation vents design. Tilt function: Adjust the angle of your desired shade at the push of a button. Easy to open and close the button to tilt it by means of the crank handle. Adjustable hand crank: easy to open and close. The metal lever in the middle swings open for easy storage. Versatile: Can be mounted on your existing stand or in the middle of the table if holes are available. UV protection: The umbrella canopy has UV30+ protection to protect you from direct harmful sunlight. Waterproof 100% polyester canopy, UV30+. EASY STORAGE: A free strap is included to bind the canopy for easy storage. UNIQUE LOOK: The 10x6.5ft patio umbrella features a rectangular canopy with a price. UV30+ PROTECTION AND FADING: VAST APPLICATIONS: Perfect for shade on patios, pools, cafes, resorts, villas, hotels, markets.

UB-001 Ordinary Rocking Umbrella

Ordinary Rocking Umbrella


Bend Tube Hanging Umbrella  
Stand: 48 aluminium pole
Fabric: Polyester 160G Waterproof
With wind hole, with skirt, rolled edge without hem with base
Packing rate / outer box size: 1SET / 199x33x15CM
Gross/net weight:15/14

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Zhejiang Sanheng Ind.& Trd. Co., Ltd. is originated from Jinhua Universe Tourism Fallow Co.,Ltd. is a prfessional leisure product manufacturer.Since the establishment in 1996,the company has accumulated more than twenty years of production experience,especially in PE fabric and gazebo.Located in Wuyi,Zhejiang Province,P.R.China,the company owns a production scale of more than 32,000 m2 along its total land occupantion of 41,000 m2.As China Wholesale Outdoor Umbrellas Manufacturers and Outdoor Umbrellas Suppliers and Factory, There are various types of main products,including Gazebo,Easy-up gazebo,Metal gazebo,Awning,Gardening,Umbrella and Beach chairs and a complete production line of PE material,plastic parts,hardware,powder coating and sewing.Besides,the company owns a subsidiary company in Anhui province,named Sonny Of The Anhui Tourism And Leisure Supplies Co., Ltd. specifically for PE production.The subsidiary covers 50,000m2 and 3 production lines,yielding more than 3,000 tons of PE fabric annually.In addition to integrating the process of design,develop and produce,the company is also known for its advanced technical force,high quality and satisfying service. As Custom Outdoor Umbrellas Factory, Our company sincerely welcome all customers come to negotiate and cooperate.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

How To Choose Offset Patio Umbrellas And Ordinary Rocking Umbrellas?

(1)Design and Style: Offset patio umbrellas are known for their off-center pole design, which provides greater flexibility in positioning and shading options. They often have a modern and sleek look, with the canopy suspended from an adjustable arm that allows for optimal shade coverage. Ordinary rocking umbrellas typically have a more traditional design with a central pole and canopy that hangs down in a circular or hexagonal shape.

(2)Size and Coverage: Consider the size of the umbrella and the area you want to shade. Offset patio umbrellas are available in various sizes, ranging from small to large, with canopy diameters typically ranging from 8 to 13 feet or more. They provide ample shade coverage for larger outdoor spaces and can be positioned to shade specific areas, such as dining tables, seating areas, or poolside loungers. Ordinary rocking umbrellas are typically smaller in size and suitable for smaller areas or individual seating arrangements.

(3)Flexibility and Adjustability: Offset patio umbrellas offer greater flexibility and adjustability compared to ordinary rocking umbrellas. The adjustable arm of an offset patio umbrella allows you to tilt, rotate, and adjust the canopy to different angles to optimize shade coverage throughout the day as the sun moves. This can be particularly useful if you have to change shading needs or want to shade different areas at different times. Ordinary rocking umbrellas typically have limited adjustability, with the canopy fixed to the top of the pole without the ability to tilt or rotate.

(4)Durability and Stability: Consider the durability and stability of the umbrella, especially if you live in an area with strong winds or harsh weather conditions. Offset patio umbrellas often come with a sturdy base or stand that provides stability, but they may require additional anchoring or weighting down for added security in windy conditions. Ordinary rocking umbrellas may also require a stable base or stand to ensure stability, but they may be more susceptible to wind damage due to their centered pole design.

As products under our outdoor umbrella category, whether it is ordinary rocking umbrellas or offset patio umbrellas, we will provide high-quality services for you to choose.