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About the maintenance of outdoor awnings?

The awning is not a disposable product, nor can it be dismantled at will, and there are many gray layers in the air now, and when it rains, it is all muddy, and the awning has to be cleaned at this time. But this cleaning is not something that ordinary people can do. Even if it is not ordinary, you can't always ask someone to wash it. How to clean the awning technology.
1. What should I do if the awning gets wet?
The awning can only be put away when it is clean and dry. When the awning is wet and has to be stowed, it is advisable to fully unfold and dry it whenever possible. If it is wet by rain, the awning should be opened after the weather is fine, and the awning should be allowed to dry naturally before closing the mechanism.
2. How to remove the stains on the awning?
When cleaning a retractable awning, it should be fully opened and dry. Use the correct steps for cleaning and maintenance, do not lean on the awning, and do not press too hard on it. Before any operation of the awning with automatic controller, be sure to cut off the power supply and turn off the automatic control device.
3. When should the awning be cleaned?
Whether or not the awning needs to be cleaned depends largely on the environment (traffic density, air pollution, industrial pollution, etc.). When cleaning is required, the requirements are as follows:
(1) Regularly remove dust with a soft brush while the awning is dry.
(2) Branches, leaves and other similar objects should be cleaned up in time.
(3) If there is a small stain on the cloth, brush lightly with a soft brush dipped in ordinary detergent, and then rinse it with clean water for several times until there is no residual detergent on the fabric, open it and dry it.
4. How to clean other parts?
For awning parts made of high-grade aluminum alloys, do not use acidic (such as hydrogen chloride) or abrasive materials (such as abrasive pads, emery paper, sandpaper, pumice, etc.), which can damage the surface. The cleaning of the aluminum alloy frame should be treated with special care, generally with a soft cloth and detergent. And note that cleaning agents used on high-grade aluminum alloys must not touch the awning cloth.