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How to choose the right tent?

There are a lot of tents for outdoor use, but there are a lot of tent types, tent specifications and tent manufacturers. How can we choose the right tent for the event?
Choose the right type of tent:
There are a lot of tent types. If you want to choose a suitable tent, you have to choose according to the type of activity and the characteristics of the tent. The most commonly used is the herringbone canopy, the optional span is large, the price is cheap, and there are many changes, such as the exhibition activities can choose glass wall, wedding banquet can choose transparent tarpaulin, storage optional sandwich panel wall, ABS wall Body and so on. If you want a more elegant and beautiful tent, you can choose a vaulted tent. If you want to bring more creativity to the event or choose a spherical tent for the ball screen projection, you can also choose a curved tent for the built-up stadium!
Determine the appropriate canopy specifications:
The two most important factors in determining the size of a tent are the size of the site and the space requirements for the event. If there are specific site specifications, this issue is not a concern. If you don't know the space, you can tell the manufacturer about the requirements, and they can give you the appropriate specifications with a wealth of experience.